Space340 is a community work hub and a co-working space for creative and social entrepreneurs that are willing to take the risk and jump to the next level. Space340 provides the framework necessary - from space to services to events - for diverse, creative and social enterprise to collectively build a stronger more resilient entrepreneur community

  • Espacio de Trabajo

    Tarifas flexible desde escritorios compartidos hasta tu propia oficina

  • Salas de Reuniones

    Disponibilidad de salas a tiempo real. Gestiona tus propias reservas en linea.

  • Red de Miembros

    Contact fácilmente con el resto de la comunidad. Busca perfiles y habilidades o promociona tus servicios.

Escoge tu tarifa

  • Virtual Membership



    • Be part of the online Space340 Community and gain exclusive access to the Message Boards and the Member Directory! Networking, online workshops, and more - join the conversation for free!
  • Drop in



    • A daily no-commitment plan, perfect for young enthusiasts, who just need some time alone to work and focus for a day.

  • Student



    • The perfect package plan for students

  • Basic



    • The perfect package plan for startups and freelancers who take their life a bit more seriously

  • Premium



    • The ultimate package. Turn Space340 into your second home!

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