• The Unconventional Way of Thinking

    “To me, unconventional thinking is approaching a problem and asking, 'Why not? Why can't something be done?' - Eng. Khaled AlShaikh

    Join us in this workshop as we delve into creative problem-solving, and discovering perspectives that help us get over hurdles (and even under and around them!)

  • The LAB Debate Sessions
    • Space340 Network

    Join us in our new Debate Sessions, where each session we have guests over to talk about personal experiences and then throw ourselves into the evening's Burning Question!

    Here's the first hot topic: Should full-time students join the workforce while they're studying?

    We've got our friends Saleh AlRowaei and Jabur AlSendi, students of Bahrain Polytechnic University and University of Bahrain respectively, to talk about their experiences being full time students in the workforce. Should you enter the workforce early on? Or are you better off focusing on one path? Let's get into it!

    Audience participation is highly encouraged!

    Date: Wednesday, June 16 2021 Time: 6:00pm-8pm

  • Transforming The Bahrain Pet Industry
    • Zoom

    The LAB is back with an online discussion that's been making waves recently. the transformation of the pet care industry in Bahrain, and who better to join the panel than the one's who've been making it happen for our furry friends- Louay Malas, Founder and CEO of Henlo, the region's FIRST on-demand super app for pet services, and Latifa Algosaibi, Founder of Wagalag- the first dog and social community in Bahrain. We'll talk about their stories, the current situation, and future opportunities to make island livin' easy for our pets! It's going to be a fun, interesting discussion- don't miss out! Date: Wednesday, May 26 2021 Time: 6:30pm-8pm Zoom link will be provided upon registration

  • Arabic Sign Language Course-Level 3
    • Space340
  • Arabic Sign Language Course-Level 2
    • Space340
  • Arabic Sign Language Course-Level 1
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  • iDEATE 4.0 (in partnership with Tamkeen & Global Entrepreneurship Week)
    • Space340

    The 4th edition of iDEATE is back and this time, it’s virtual! Part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, iDEATE is now a 2-Day Virtual Boot Camp from November 29 - November 30, 2020 (4 PM - 8 PM), with specialized workshops tailored for individuals and freelancers to help them turn their idea, skill or talent to a digital business in only 2 Days. Registration is now OPEN. Stay tuned for more news

    BOOTCAMP SESSIONS: Branding 101 and Creating a Company Profile Finance 101: Bookeeping and Pricing your Products Digital Marketing 101 and Creating a Website and Creating your Online Presence Business Planning 101 and the Art of Pitching

    Date: November 29th - November 30th, 2020 Time: 4 PM - 8 PM (GMT +3) FREE REGISTRATION

  • Work-Life Balance: Smashing the Myth
    • Space340

    Does the "Work-Life Balance" really exist? Or are we striving to achieve something that isn't even there? Join us for an hour at #TheLab with Coach Abeer Al Matooq as she takes us through the pursuit we've been all too familiar with, now more than ever. Maybe it's a myth- and maybe that's a good thing.

  • Build a Better Portfolio
    • Space340

    For this online edition of #TheLab, we’ve got Yonis Attiya from critically acclaimed studio, Limefish Design (@limefish) to give us a workshop on developing your creative portfolio. Learn about the do’s and dont’s, layout strategies, and find out what employers are looking for in a well-curated design portfolio.

  • Webinar: Start Before You're Ready with Latifa Al-Khalifa
    • Space340

    Do you feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines while life is passing you by? This webinar will get you from "stuck" to Getting. It. Done.

  • Sustainable Fashion with Haya Khalifa
    • Space340

    We’re riding into the new decade with sustainability and conscious consumption in mind 🚀 Join us at #TheLab for the final workshop of 2019— we’ve got fashion designer and entrepreneur, Haya Khalifa, to talk to us about Sustainable Fashion and how we can make better and more responsible decisions when it comes to buying the clothes we wear!

  • Startup Chats with Mohamed Ali
    • Space340

    ‎حياكم معانا خلال الأسبوع العالمي لريادة الأعمال نستضيف فيها ندوة بعنوان سوالف Startup تقدمها لكم طموح! ‎خلنا نتعرف على قصص رواد أعمال ما نسمعها كل يوم! ‎٣ مهلمين شباب بشاركونا رحلاتهم في عالم ريادة الأعمال ومشوارهم في تأسيس مشاريعهم! ‎لا يفوتكم جو Space340 اللي متأكدين بيعطي لذة غير للأسبوع العالمي لريادة الأعمال.. ‎احجز مقعدك أحين! . Join us for an evening of candid chats and casual banter with some of the brightest startups in Bahrain. Hosted by Mohamed Ali, we’ll get to know the Startups on a deeper level and talk about their journeys leading up to their business, and its more personal side- a side that hardly gets talked about. Startup Chats featuring Yonis Attiya (Limefish Designs), Nasreen Ashkaani (Popilicious), and Reem Aljamea (Campinya) - don’t miss it.